Visit Haat kalika Mandir and take priceless blessings………

The Haat Kalika temple is located 13 kms from Pataal Bhuvaneshwar (one of many Limestone Underground Caves) on the way from Pataal Bhuvneshwar to Pithoragarh, in Gangolihat. ‘Haat Kalika Mandir‘ was chosen by Adi Guru Sankaracharya for installation of one of the Shakti Peethas in Uttarakhand and this Peetha is more than a thousand years old. The temple complex is beautiful, surrounded with lush green hills and forest and this place has cool, pleasant climate. It is believed that the idol of Goddess Kali was shifted here from West Bengal.

Haat Kalika Mandir Gangolihat

Goddess Mahakali is highly respected by Kumaon regiment, and Goddess Mahakali is worshiped and praised during difficult times and at the time of war because it is believed that she brings prosperity and divine luck to the regiment. One can find valiant stories of brave soldier inscribed on the walls in the temple complex. Indian army has build many gates dedicated to goddess Kali inside the temple.

Haat Kalika Mandir Gangolihat

Elevation from sea level:

It has an average elevation of 1,760 meters (5,773 feet)

Weather Conditions:

Gangolihat is situated in a valley, due to which a lot of variation can be seen in the temperature, summers are relatively warm here and winters are very cold. During the winters high locations receive snowfall and the temperature drops down to 2 °C from 5 °C. Gangolihat district have extreme variation in temperature due to much altitude gradient. The temperature starts rising from mid March until mid June. Temperature can rise till 32 degree Celsius. The annual average rainfall the place gets is 36.7 cm.

How to reach

By Air: The fastest way to reach this holy place is by air because the nearest airport is just 76 km away in Pithoragarh city. The airport receives regular flights from Delhi and Dehradun. And taxis are easily available from the airport to reach Gangolihat.

By Train: To reach the temple, Haldwani (Kathgodam) will be the nearest railway station which is 196 km away, from there one can hire taxis available at the railway station, and a 7 hours journey will take you to this holy place.

By Road: If you love long drives and traveling from Gurgaon/Delhi, it is NH 24 that will take you to your destination and you will encounter Moradabad, Gajraula, Rampur and Rudrapur while your travel. Then your journey will go uphill from Haldwani/Kathgodam where you have to take the Bhimtal route, reach Almora after approx. 80 km from Haldwani (which is just under 400 km from Gurgaon/Delhi that is close to 11hours) You can stay there for a night. Next day take the Badechhina – Sheraghat route, 5 hours of drive from Almora,and you will reach Gangolihat.